Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tomorrow Is Not Guaranteed, Unfortunately

Its weird that I haven't blogged since before our wedding. I still get on all the time and check out everyone's blogs, but I haven't personally blogged. I have had so much go on in my life since the last time I have blogged...our amazing wedding, a new wonderful job, beginning a wonderful life with my *wife* (still love saying that), a packed for summer, and now school has started, lives are back to normal. However, yesterday got some news that has affected me more than I ever thought it would have, and for that reason I decided maybe blogging would help.

Everyone has different experiences in highschool and we all end and say goodbye to everyone, thinking that there will always be that day in the future when we will surely run into that person again. Either at the high school reunion, a bar, a friends party, etc. Never do you imagine that that is it and you will never have another opportunity.

I went to a small highschool, so I don't understand how it feels when someone says that they don't know people that graduated with them. I knew everyone that I graduated with, as well for the grades older and younger than I was. It was a small school, so you usually knew people pretty well.

Yesterday I was called by my best friend informing me that a girl we went to highschool with was killed in a car accident. Someone who we all knew and talked to regularly when we were in school. Haven't really talked to her since then, I don't think. But either way, I graduated about 5 years ago. She wasn't my best friend and we didnt talk on a regular basis. However, now that I know I never can, it has really affected me. I never would have imagined myself taking this as hard as I have, but I guess im just in complete shock that this happened.

Its crazy to think that maybe five years ago when I said goodbye to alot of people, it was for forever. Its sad and hard to think about. Not sure how I am supposed to feel about this, all I know is that im just sad and just down. Her family and friends are all in my thoughts, and I hope that this ultimately brings some of closer together, because its proof that we are not guaranteed tomorrow.


Margo said...

I know this feeling you have. I can't explain it or the reason for it - except that death is complicated for those still alive.

I came to your blog off a comment you left on Propane Amy. I like it here - I think I'll stay.