Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vows- what do you say??

So I showed Kim our blog, she said I did a good job! :) We will see where she goes from here!! So we have about 42 days left until we get married. One thing that we decided to do with our wedding was write our own vows..but where do you even begin??

See the thing is, is I love Kim more than anything and given some time I could probably write over 500 things that I love and adore about her. However, I believe our guests dont want to sit through a 9 hour ceremony filled with mushy vows that are making them either throw up in their mouths or jealous that they dont have what we do. So how do you limit it?

Also, do I start from the time we met, or just leave it why I love her. Im thinking that maybe I should just start writing and then in a few days go back and read what I wrote and make changes and then continue the cycle until the day before the wedding.

The thing that makes me so nervous is because I know that Kim will read her vows first and they will be so beautiful!! Then I will go to read my vows and in my mind i will be thinking "Fuck, I should have done this diferently!!". Hmmm not sure what to do!!

I think today since it is freezing out and the roads are horrible which means I wont be going anywhere, I will spend most of my afternoon writting and scribbling out shit that I think is sweet until I look at it again and it sounds like something a 4th grader would say to their first girlfriend...whatever!

Law & Order SVU has a marathon on today and so far thats what I have spent my day doing, so I probably will continue until about 10 and then go to bed...without any vows!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our First Post- Wow I kind of feel like a nerd!

So this is our first attempt at this whole blogging thing and I have to say I feel like a nerd!! But o-well!! Its 1:30 in the morning and of course I am awake. Lately I feel like I dont sleep much..mainly because I have "wedding brain"! All I think about is the wedding and am really starting to get stressed about it. So then when I go to bed I have horrible dreams about the worst things that could happen before the wedding i.e. Kim dying in a horrible fire two weeks before the wedding and then I proceed to live in my wedding dress for months, Kim deciding this isn't what she wants so she leaves me for the woman who plays the "other woman" in The Dutchess... just weird stuff like that!! Apparantly according to the other brides on The Knot, this is a very normal thing and I should not be worried...which is a relief LOL. So Kim is at the station and has no idea that we even have a blog at this point and I am sure when I show her in the morning she will not even be remotely excited about it and show little interest...and then randomly one day I am going to get on here and she will have posted blogs and will be completely addicted..just like myspace! Well not sure what I am supposed to say in these blogs..and I feel like I have just rambled on.
Talk to you soon,