Monday, April 27, 2009

Apparantly I suck at Blogging...

So my friend Joann told me how bad I am at this whole blogging here I am! I am stressed beyond belief since we have 10 days until our wedding. I have nothing inspiring to say, nothing funny. So...have a great week!! LOL Are you happy ribbet?? Here is an updated picture of the two soon to be newleyweds!! Everyone keep your fingers crossed for sunshine on May 9th...or I might end up finally being a "bridezilla".

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Stay at home wife...

When I was working I remember being exhausted, ran down, irritated, usually pissed off, and all of that usually resulted in being "tipsy" by bedtime because I had already helped myself to a nice relaxing bottle of wine! And when I would be at the point where I was just going to lose it, I would look at those stay at home wives and would be so jealous. I would think to myself how much I would love to stay home and be in charge on laundry, a clean house, and anything else that needed to be done.
I was laid off on February 17th. Even though that was only about 2 months ago, let me tell you it feels like a lifetime!! And as these two months have passed, I am no longer jealous of those housewives, actually I am wondering if they feel this shitty about themselves. See I knew when I got laid off we were going to run into this problem, I would either have to find a job immediately or wait until after the wedding because no one is going to hire me when I inform them that I need 3 weeks off in May for a wedding and honeymoon, especially after only being employed by them for 3 weeks!!
So this has been an incredibly hard transition for me! Harder than I ever imagined. However, it does help that Kim works every 3 days, which sometimes ends up only being twice and week. With her home, I don't feel quite like a "loser" because I seem to forget its a weekday and just enjoy spending all my time with her. However, then I feel bad for her because when she needs to go take a piss, I'm like a puppy standing outside the door hoping she doesn't take too long. For god sakes, I wanted to walk around walmart the other day after we were done shopping because it seemed better than coming home and washing the same damn clothes and dusting the same living room!! I really think Im losing my mind....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What to do when neighbors are homophobic pricks!! (long)

Ok so im at home by myself because Kim is at the mall currently trying to look for an outfit for our wedding. At last minute, Kim has decided that we should finish our office (which has been about a 2 year project!!!) since we have people coming in town this weekend and staying at our house for the bachelorete party. So I am actually working (manual labor at that!) in the office, trying to scrape the rest of the walls so when Kim gets home we can finish!! So im in my little office working and i hear a "knock, knock, knock" on my front door. Weird...3:00 in the afternoon and Im getting a knock on my door! Well just keep in mind I have alot of anxiety issues and the fear of being killed (of course, I read newspapers and all of the internet, the weird shit that can happen to you. For god sakes, Im scared to answer the door for the fedex guy!!). So I peak around the corner of our office and I don't see anyone. Im frozen there because our main door is open, so all there is is our big glass screen door! Well all of a sudden I see a hand reach over and knock on our door again!! So this person is standing to where I can't see him (on purpose!!) and is knocking!! So my first instinct is to go slam the big door closed and lock it!! So as I do that, this person steps into view point and of course its our favorite person, who knows our house all too well, a police officer.
So I open the door and step out onto our front porch. The officer proceeds to tell me that they have had "several!!!" complaints about Kim's jeep that is parked across from our house. So this is what this is the load of bull shit i get...."Ma'm we have gotten several complaints about your vehicle tags being expired and for the jeeps flat tire." I respond to the cop... "Sir, our tags expired yesterday. I have the stickers to put on the vehicles in my car, I just had not had the opportunity to put them on yet, considering I just got them this morning and had a few more errands to run after that, so i just now made it home. As for the jeep, from here I can see no flat tire." This is what officer jackass said back "Well I'm going to go ahead and let this be the warning, I do have the authority to put a 24 hour ticket on your car saying that if the stickers are not on in 24 hours, I can have it towed. However, Im gonna be a nice guy and just go ahead and assume you are going to take care of this. As for the tire, it is actually low, not flat, but it will also need to be taken care of." Ok if I say that i have the fucking stickers, why would I intentionaly not put them on. What kind of fucking idiot do you think i am?? Well what I wanted to say back to him, I figured would land me in the wonderful wyandotte county jail. So I simply said "ok officer, I will get the stickers put on immediately. And once my fiance gets home, I will have go air up her tire. Thank you". Oh, of course he felt the need to go ahead and repeat himself some more, in case maybe im hard of hearing and didn't understand him the first fucking time, which could be possible with his white trash dip of tobacco in his mouth that appears to be falling out! He tells me again, that he could issue me a warning, but is just a "nice guy" and is gonna let it slide. Okay, so what kind of fucking homphobic ignorant people live around me?? Our fucking tags expired on the 31st of march, which was yesterday and I got them today!! Our neighbors literally call the cops atleast once a month on the most ridiculous things. Once a cop told us "when a mouse farts in your house, we get called!!" How ridiculous is that?? Where is harassment charges?? Well I have a little something for them...our friends got us a bright colorful rainbow flag and it will be flying high for all those homphobic assholes to see!!